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Computer Crash

All Information Gone From Your Computer! What To Do?

When your information is lost and you don’t know the reason it can lead to big problems and can be a sign of something more detrimental to your computer. If it is a virus or a spyware in your system that could mean that your information is being leaked to other systems. That people could have your personal information and do whatever they want with it. Your system computer should never loss data that you’re stored and saved on your computer accordingly. When your computer is running usually slow or documents go missing that is sign of something bad.

A HDD speed test or a hard disk drive test can help you’re come to a solution of this issue that you are dealing with. What a HDD speed test does is it tells you how fast or slow your hard drive is going. What this can help you to do is indicate where your computer is running slow .Which can lead to being able to identify the problem area where the virus is and then take precautions to protect your computer along with getting rid of the virus. Viruses can be hard to get rid of because they can stick in your computer system and hid and do more harm to your computer even though it has been thought to be cleared out .HDD speed test can help you to find the problem at the source.

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There are many HDD speed tests that you can find on the internet and in stores. HDD speed is a good resource that you can go to in a time of need and there are free resources on safe sites that you can also can get a lot of info about your computer by clicking on the Start menu, then Run.then type “msinfo32″ and click OK to see some of the information without going through a speed test . This will bring up the built-in System Information program. Within that program, go to Components>Storage>Disks, and it should show your hard drive model. You can then Google that model number to get manufacturer specs on it.this can can help your figure out your problem without using the HDD speed test. but it is not as in dept as the HDD speed test.

Why you can’t prevent having to even go through the HDD speed test is be installing a good antivirus software that can protect your computer. What your can do to prevent having to resort to a HDD speed test is to surf smart antivirus only protects your from the things that your don’t let in willingly. When a little red box pope up on you browser saying that this site is not safe it is probably not safe and that whatever information that is on the site is problem not worth potentially damaging you computer and having to use a HDD speed test. Also what your can do is, and this is a big one, to stop downloading from high risks cites.

If the you download from theirs sits you are probably downloading something more that what you thought and whatever this Trojan hour is it is not good for your computer. So stop downloading from third parties cites or cites where you download free music or movies.

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